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Introducing Think Smart Sites

Our mission here at Think Design Co. is “to help our clients reach their business potential by offering forward thinking, highly relevant and creative marketing solutions”. This inspired us to create a Smarter way to grow your business online; introducing Think Smart Sites.

Smart Sites are high quality, custom built websites without the pricetag. They’re bold, feature rich, and affordable.

Smart Sites not only showcase your business in its best light, they are geared to convert. They look great, and perform even better. Smart Sites are socially optimized and use the latest SEO techniques to make sure your business gets noticed.

With all this extra attention, Smart Sites are designed to provide a beautiful experience no matter how people view your website. Behind it all, you’ll be able to monitor user traffic with insightful analytics, allowing you to pursue more targeted marketing solutions.

With time and money being vital assets to running a business, we’ve streamlined the production process in order to offer this high quality and customisable service at an affordable price, with a fast turnaround. Once we begin, your Smart Site will be up and running in just 30 days.

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Smart sites will officially become available next Wednesday, March 30th.

Smarter Websites for Smarter Business.

Good Design is Good Business

Good design is perhaps one of the most misunderstood creative disciplines, and potentially one of the most undervalued for small and medium enterprises in the marketplace. The value of design is too often reduced to visual choices of colours and logos, overlooking the much larger considerations that skilled designers should have when developing projects for clients.

Graphic or visual design is the final layer over the top, because for the effective designer, form must always follow function. While it’s important not to overlook the considerable value for business that can be found in a coherent visual identity, it remains true that effective design i.e. design that contributes to the purpose of your website, is often invisible.

Solving Business Problems with Objective Based Design (OBD)

Objective based design is rapidly gaining popularity as the new standard of thinking around digital design and can be broadly described as a “top down” method of design.

Essentially it’s a process of identifying your business’ objectives for a product – digital or otherwise – and working backwards from there, modifying the user’s experience through a series of strategic experiments. These experiments are designed to reduce what’s known as friction points.

Google update effecting Wollongong business

Google has announced the release of a new algorithm that will favour “mobile-friendly sites”. The algorithm, to be rolled out on April 21st, will dramatically affect the Google rankings for all websites.

So you may or may not have heard of Google’s latest algorithm “Pigeon” update, and like most “normal” people, promptly added it to your too hard or care factor zero basket. If this is you, it’s now time for me to distill fear in you to get you to read the rest of this article. Ignoring this Google update may be a HUGE mistake for your business visibility!

How we grew a Facebook audience from scratch for a new Wollongong business

Humber is Wollongong’s newest rooftop bar and kitchen, providing three levels of unique food & drink culture located in Wollongong’s historic Crown Street. The new multi-million dollar venue is set to open its doors late this year. Humber approached Think Design Company to build brand awareness and community excitement through targeted digital executions.

Learn how we grew Humber’s Facebook presence from 0 to over 7,000 and earned a total media reach of over 250,000 people in just three months, and how your business could benefit from using Facebook as a digital marketing channel.

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