6 ways to Grow Your Business with Email Marketing

6 ways to Grow Your Business with Email Marketing

If you have not considered email marketing in your marketing budget, you are missing out on one of the best ways to reach potential customers and maintain profitable customer relationships. So what types of eNewsletters are there, and how can they help my business?


1. eNewsletters

eNewsletters are great for maintaining customer relationships and ensuring that your business is front of mind for your customers. Most email newsletters contain information about your business, drive traffic to news stories on your website and/or highlight upcoming promotions. They’re best sent on a recurring basis, such as weekly or monthly.


2. Promotional Campaigns

Promotional Newsletters are targeted campaigns that are designed to achieve a specific objective. They’re typically used to inform customers of upcoming sales or offers and work really well for retail. They can also be used to reward loyal customers with special discounts or offers, which helps build stronger relationships with your customers.


3. Invitation Emails

These are perfect for promoting events. They can be used to keep customers informed about your upcoming events and can be sent periodically to remind your customers days in advance of the event. If you’re selling tickets for an event, you can also leverage email marketing to drive ticket purchases.



4. Catalogue Emails

Catalogue Emails work well if you want to highlight particular products or services. The goal of a Catalogue Email is to get the user interested in your offering, and for them to click though to your website where they can ultimately mate the purchase. A clear call-to-action is always best, like “Buy Now” or “View Now” to help facilitate the purchase.


5. Lead Generation Emails

Lead-Gen Emails are designed to keep your business front of mind for a “potential” or “dormant” customer. They can convert potential customers into paying customers, and they help re-engage an existing customer who hasn’t purchased in say 6 months. Typically in a Lead-Gen Email you would offer an incentive, like “30% off your next purchase” to get the customer engaged.


6. Survey Emails

The final style of eNewsletter is the wretched Survey Email. As much as we hate receiving them, they do work. They are a great way to gathering valuable feedback from customers, which may help you deliver a more targeted, more refined service or product. Surveys should be sent infrequently, say once ever 6 months to a year.


So thats it. Hopefully this article has shed some light on how email marketing can be used to grow your business. If you want more information about the Email Marketing services we offer, check out our Email Marketing page or send through an enquiry on our contact page.

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