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3 ways to improve your Google ranking in Wollongong

Is your local Wollongong business not performing as well as it could be in Google? Local search results now account for half of all Google searches globally and if your business isn’t optimised to appear in local Wollongong results, you could be losing out on customers. Local search optimisation is most successful when implemented as part of a holistic digital marketing strategy that encompasses a considered website design with on-site search optimisation – but here are three quick and easy things you can do to start to improve your Google ranking in Wollongong search results.


Conversion Optimisation & Woolworths – Part 2

How to Optimise your Website for Optimum Performance

In Part 1 of this blog post I drew some basic parallels between a business website and a bricks and mortar business. I looked at how companies like Woolworths optimise their stores to increase basket sizes and conversions. Part 2 of this blog post gives some practical advice on how you too can improve conversions and enquiries on your business website.

Conversion Optimisation & Woolworths – Part 1

Conversion Optimisation: Woolworths Store VS SME Website

We can learn a lot about conversion optimisation by studying the way large bricks and mortar players like Woolworths and Coles market their products & services in store. You’ll be surprised at the amount of parallels you can draw between a supermarket store and a business website.

Your Brand, Your business

The importance of a strong brand position

Forget about your website for now. An effective online presence, or a successful business for that matter starts with a strong brand & brand position. I can’t stress this enough; without a strong brand position, that is a brand position that has competitive advantage, you risk losing customers to that “dreaded” competition.

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