How we grew a Facebook audience from scratch for a new Wollongong business

How we grew a Facebook audience from scratch for a new Wollongong business

Humber is Wollongong’s newest rooftop bar and kitchen, providing three levels of unique food & drink culture located in Wollongong’s historic Crown Street. The new multi-million dollar venue is set to open its doors late this year. Humber approached Think Design Company to build brand awareness and community excitement through targeted digital executions.

Learn how we grew Humber’s Facebook presence from 0 to over 7,000 and earned a total media reach of over 250,000 people in just three months, and how your business could benefit from using Facebook as a digital marketing channel.

Campaign Objectives

We identified Facebook as the best platform to reach Humber’s objectives of:

  1. Building an audience of qualified potential customers. Grow the number of people who ‘Like’ Humber on Facebook.
  2. Recruiting brand advocates and maximising earned media potential. Build excitement and engage people to share Humber to their own timelines and tag their friends in posts.
  3. Generate brand awareness. Reach as many people as possible in the Wollongong area.
  4. Growing post engagement. Increase the number of people who engage with Humber’s posts and actions on Facebook.

How we did it

We firstly set out to identify what audiences on Facebook would be the most lucrative to target and focus our efforts towards. Using Facebook’s ad manager, we were able target potential audiences and run tests to see how Facebook ads for Humber performed in each audience. We did this by split testing a number of different copy and creatives (the visual media that is displayed within the ad unit).

We ran ads with the objective of growing page likes and increasing post engagement. Facebook has a number of ad units designed specifically to help you achieve different objectives on the social network.

One of the benefits of Facebook advertising is you can monitor the results of your campaign within a few hours and quickly identify the best performing ads and adjust your budgets to maximise the return on investment for your advertising spend.

For example, the ad that performed the best leveraged the social power of Facebook to provoke intrigue and excitement through the use of the copy new bar and highlighted relevance by referencing our demographic targeting of Wollongong in the design of the ad. We also leveraged social proof by targeting ads to Friends of those who like the Humber page, effectively using those that have already liked the page as an endorsement and testimonial of Humber.




The Results

In just three months, we achieved incredible results and over delivered on all of our objectives. We grew Humber’s Facebook page from 0 to over 7,000 likes, making Humber the bar and cafe to have the largest audience on Facebook in Wollongong.




We also achieved a total reach of over 200,000 people on Facebook with news about Wollongong’s newest bar and cafe. Of those Facebook users, over 50,000 people were reached organically through earned media through people sharing Humber’s posts to their timelines and tagging their friends in comments. illawarra-mercury-clipping

Our efforts on Facebook also earned Humber media reach in the Illawarra Mercury, with a readership of over 65,000 people and a daily circulation of 18,043 in print and an average monthly impressions of over 2 million pageviews.

In the three months of our campaign, Humber was covered in the Illawarra Mercury on three separate occasions (read them herehere and here). We leveraged the reach of our campaign to generate brand awareness and recruit brand advocates.

Posts on Humber’s Facebook page were highly engaged by users, with people leaving comments of support and excitement.


What next?

We look forward to continuing to work with Humber after their opening later this year. If you haven’t already, you should head over to their Facebook page and give them a like for all the latest on Wollongong’s newest bar.

If you want more information about how your business can benefit from using Facebook as a digital marketing channel, please feel free to get in touch with us for a chat on how we can deliver results for you.

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