Introducing Think Smart Sites

Introducing Think Smart Sites

Our mission here at Think Design Co. is “to help our clients reach their business potential by offering forward thinking, highly relevant and creative marketing solutions”. This inspired us to create a Smarter way to grow your business online; introducing Think Smart Sites.

Smart Sites are high quality, custom built websites without the pricetag. They’re bold, feature rich, and affordable.

Smart Sites not only showcase your business in its best light, they are geared to convert. They look great, and perform even better. Smart Sites are socially optimized and use the latest SEO techniques to make sure your business gets noticed.

With all this extra attention, Smart Sites are designed to provide a beautiful experience no matter how people view your website. Behind it all, you’ll be able to monitor user traffic with insightful analytics, allowing you to pursue more targeted marketing solutions.

With time and money being vital assets to running a business, we’ve streamlined the production process in order to offer this high quality and customisable service at an affordable price, with a fast turnaround. Once we begin, your Smart Site will be up and running in just 30 days.

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Smart sites will officially become available next Wednesday, March 30th.

Smarter Websites for Smarter Business.


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