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Top 10 Free Resources  for Web Designers

To all those kind randoms

It’s no secret that most web designers rely heavily on graphical resources, and most of the time these resources have kindly been made available for free download by some random. This is my tribute to those randoms who have helped me survive in this competitive industry and who have helped me serve my clients this past 10 years.

Email Marketing, or SPAM?

eMarketing is a very powerful tool, use wisely

Communicating with prospective and existing customers via email is a great way to build loyalty, trust, and brand awareness. It’s also a great way to sell and introduce new product/service offerings.

Your Brand, Your business

The importance of a strong brand position

Forget about your website for now. An effective online presence, or a successful business for that matter starts with a strong brand & brand position. I can’t stress this enough; without a strong brand position, that is a brand position that has competitive advantage, you risk losing customers to that “dreaded” competition.

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