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Good Design is Good Business

Good design is perhaps one of the most misunderstood creative disciplines, and potentially one of the most undervalued for small and medium enterprises in the marketplace. The value of design is too often reduced to visual choices of colours and logos, overlooking the much larger considerations that skilled designers should have when developing projects for clients.

Graphic or visual design is the final layer over the top, because for the effective designer, form must always follow function. While it’s important not to overlook the considerable value for business that can be found in a coherent visual identity, it remains true that effective design i.e. design that contributes to the purpose of your website, is often invisible.

Conversion Optimisation & Woolworths – Part 1

Conversion Optimisation: Woolworths Store VS SME Website

We can learn a lot about conversion optimisation by studying the way large bricks and mortar players like Woolworths and Coles market their products & services in store. You’ll be surprised at the amount of parallels you can draw between a supermarket store and a business website.

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