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A holistic approach to marketing your business.

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Bringing it all together

We have devised a holistic approach to marketing, and found out it works.

So, what do we mean by “Holistic” or “Full-Service”? Well, put simply, its working with you and your business at a fundamental level; understanding your business’ objectives, goals and vision, and formulating a comprehensive strategy to bring that vision to life.

We don’t focus on social, or TV or websites, we find out what it is that makes your business compelling, different, unique, and we use whatever mediums possible to broadcast that difference to your target audience.

Whether you’re a small business, or a large organisation, we believe that a holistic approach to marketing is the most effective and robust way to advertise your business to your customers. So if you want to do marketing right, give us a call and let’s start driving your business forward.

What’s included

  • Situation Analysis — A situation assessment analyses the environment while also scrutinizing your company itself, including its core competencies, resources and strategic directions. Understanding these external and internal factors and anticipating future events, trends and conditions is critical to creating an effective strategy.
  • Competitor Analysis — In order for us to identify your optimum (most viable) position in the marketplace, we take a hard look at your competitors, their strengths and weaknesses, how they service the market and identify an opportunities.
  • Brand Positioning — Positioning identifies the unique positions in the marketplace that you will claim. It is your “big idea”, the 1 idea that will make you “famous”, or noticed.
  • Branding — Since we have established your competitive advantage, it is now time to brand your company to represent these values, in the form of a visual identity. This includes, logo or logo update, tone of voice, content strategy, brand identity assets, website, marketing messages and more.
  • Marketing Mix — Once we have clearly identified your unique position in the marketplace, it is now time to articulate this to your desired customer through a mix of marketing channels.
  • Monitor / Optimise — All marketing needs to be monitored and optimised for best performance. We have a suite of products to help this process, delivering actionable statistics to help inform and guide the marketing journey.
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